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JACQUES IN A BOX - 27th July, 2011

Last week we visited the Jacques Townhouse, what the Chesney Hawkes is that I hear you say? Well if Gwen Stefani redecorated a Georgian house with Eugenio Recuenco and then brought in staff from Downton Abbey then you’re close to what we witnessed in London’s West End last week. It's in fact the pop-up creation by cider brand Jacques who enticed us to enjoy their drink in a rather splendid environment. There was a bar full of cushions and attentive barmen, a fairy tale garden straight out of Alice in Wonderland and a customising room that Liberace would have been proud of. One of our favourite designers (and Coquette founder) David Carter created the amazing interiors.


We loved the whole experience especially listening to the make-up tutorials whilst sipping on Jacques and eating fuchsia sprinkled mini donuts. Obviously the highlight for us was the dressing up box. Not ones to be shy we opted for the more flamboyant pieces. What happens in the townhouse stays in the townhouse (erm, unless you blog). Our only wish was to take the dapper, charismatic and very complementary master of ceremonies, Doug, home with us! 

VINTAGE ON THE BANKS - 26th July, 2011

Flippin heck it's here people, we will be joining an army of the finest vintage traders at this year's, Vintage at Southbank Festival (29th-31st of July). Find us in marque 28 which is displayed on this pfd brimming with marketplace information and maps. REMEMBER IT'S FREE ENTRY FOR THE MARKETPLACE!! To view the entire site in all its magical splendour click here. Need some outfit inspiration? Don't panic, as we have selected our fav outfits from last year's Goodwood festival. Images courtesy of the very talented students of UCA. 

MRS... MRS JONES - 11th July, 2011


We are members of the Dalston Darlings, Dalston's first official Women’s Institute. Once a month they curate an evening of interest and intrigue. July saw us pay an exclusive visit to Mrs Jones (aka Fee Doran’s) newly opened shop at 29 Hackney Road, E2. Fee is known for creating 'that jumpsuit' for Kylie's ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ video and designing stage outfits for Madonna, Paloma Faith and Scissor Sisters. On the night she candidly spoke about her incredible career, from styling Duran Duran in the 80s to working with hotly tipped new artist Claire Maguire in 2011. She is refreshingly open and completely unpretentious; we can see why artists love working with her. We especially liked her commitment to designing work that was 100% true to her, never taking dictation from mainstream fashion


The shop is a cornucopia of delight, on the rails packed with her designs and vintage treasures we spotted the leather jumpsuit Rihanna selected to wear on stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend last year in Bangor, Wales. 


The lovely Plum from Dalston Darlings and Rag&Bow: The Roaming Vintage Store's Hazel in pieces from Mrs Jones's collection for Tatty Devine.


If you're in London defintely stop by to see Mrs Jones's pieces of pop history, we loved meeting Fee and the effervescent Victoria who runs The Drama Parlour (in-store salon and make over station). The shop also sells Loveiwear's vintage sunglasses, cashmere by Jaggy Nettle and headdresses by Feathersmith.


The Mrs Jones, Emporium 49 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX. 


SUMMER SHOW - 4th July, 2011

We always support graduates and are constantly inspired after attending any graduate show. Our antcipation was high before attending the preview breakfast at Chelsea College of Art and Design's summer show last month.  Chelsea has an international reputation for excellence and it stayed true to its word. We were perpetually in awe making our way around the historic buildings. Upon arrival we made our way to the BA Textile Design space to seek out the immensely talented Lauren Cardoe. 22 year old Lauren (who has now graduated with honours) showcased her exquisite jewellery from her BA. Lauren's future is secure as her work showcased craftsmanship and maturity miles ahead of her newly graduated status. Her seminal pieces drew us in like an art lover into a painting. Her work beautifully interpreted the inspiration behind her work, fragmenting water and glass at impact. Her hypnotic coloured pieces evoked the fluidity, weightless and opaque nature of exploding water balloons, splashing droplets of water and shattering glass perfectly. Each piece was made from nylon monofilament (fishing wire) with wax adornments. Her works ingenuity, combined with its acutely aesthetic delivery, for us, was the highlight of the show.


Other moments of joy came from the glorious prints of Kent born Catherine Frere-Smith's. Her beautiful, nature inspired collection, ingenuously hides a craft and recycle secret. So say if you wore her ‘make me a house’ printed top it has an inbuilt design which allows you to remake it (gulp). This secoundary design allows you to transform it into a miniature replica of her family farm house, too cute and amazeballs! 


Another room that put our brains into creative overdrive was Carey Ellis's hologram collection. Inside her darkened room we became part of her multi-coloured light show. Each colour displayed a new design feature on her collection, entitled Trillusion. It was like a Black Eyed Peas video but with more style!


Finally check out the industrial knitting machines, some of which date from the 1960s. We couldn't resist capturing these!