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Vintage at Goodwood

August 2010

Unless you lived on a small Polynesian Island you would have probably known that Wayne Hemingway launched Vintage at Goodwood in 2010. It celebrated 5 decades of British fashion & music which included staggering amount of arena's including a replicated Northern Soul club and 80's roller disco. The event was a bombastic showcase for personal style, so we had amazing pieces ready to showcase. Check out Now Voyager's Felicity Joy Gower in our 1950's red summer dress!

Other highlights included a visit from Daisy Lowe and George Lamb, a live interview on BBC 6 with Johnnie Walker and Grazia magazine awarding 'best in show' to one of our team who then then went on to smize like Tyra Banks and take part in Grazia's street style catwalk show. It was only judged by Style Director, Paula Reed and Wayne himself!